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Monday, February 2, 2009

Aso -- please hold this election already

The suspense is maddening!
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Feb. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Prime Minister Taro Aso risks
deepening Japan’s recession in order to delay an election he’s
likely to lose.

Aso, whose approval rating has sunk below 20 percent after
less than five months in office, refuses to bow to pressure from
the opposition to call the election ahead of the legally
required Sept. 10 date. The resulting political paralysis is
stalling the 10 trillion-yen ($110 billion) stimulus plan he has
promised to restore economic growth.

“A tsunami is coming and we need effective economic
stimulus from the government,” says Tsuneo Watanabe, a Tokyo-
based adjunct fellow with the Center for Strategic and
International Studies in Washington. “By clinging to power,”
Aso, 68, and his Liberal Democratic Party are “making it harder
for ordinary people to cope with this severe downturn.”

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