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Monday, July 21, 2008

Westerner's fear of the neon sign -- offline!

What a tragic waste of classic essays:

"The authors have deleted this blog. The content is no longer available."

Anyone have any idea why this happened?


calligraphykid said...


I am the person responsible for deleting that blog.

I'm glad to hear you describe it as classic but, like way too much Japan blogging, I think it was basically transitional. It and I have both moved on.

One of the ways I have moved on is the extreme weariness I feel with the default voice used by people who write cleverly (they think) about Japan. Are you aware of it, that unmistakable tone of self-satisfaction at having 'penetrated'? I started The Westerner's Fear... in order to knowingly satirise the voice but I was also guilty of using it to impress sometimes.

Your voice, on the other hand, always has a nice chipper flavour to it. Aren't you far too content to be a Japan-observer? I will continue to look back here. I also continue to update my own side-project Japan Onchi.

And when I invent a new, better way of writing about Japan, I will put ALL you motherfuckers out of business.

Sorry, that was just my unpleasant alpha gaijin speaking.

Adamu said...

Well whatever you do, don't instruct your friends to burn it after you die... people hate that.

As for me being a Japan observer, see my first post... my interests do actually extend beyond Japan.

Your reasons for deleting the blog are interesting. Most times, bloggers seem to resign for time reasons or to focus on bigger and better things. In your case... you were dissatisfied with the tone?

Anyway hope you'll drop in again. I'll try and remain chipper in the meantime.

Anonymous said... between now and posthumous publishing, links to what you guys are working on?